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Part NumberNot EnergizedEnergizedConfigurationCap CircuitSwitch Circuit
E - High Capacity Body w/18-440 Conn. Plug Included
M - With LOGIC Components
1 - Unsealed
7 - Indicator, Single Circuit, Common Ground
H - Full Face Legend
A - 28V DC Common Anode
1 - Pin C = Illum. Test (T)
See Below
Configuration: 0010229455
Quantity: 1
Legend Detail By Segment
PositionColorDisplay TypeChar Size
Full FaceYellow S (Deadface) 0.125
Connector Plug

This part number includes
Connector Plug 18-440.
Body Dimensions
NEXSYS Body Component Configuration & Pole Position
Switch Circuit
     Pole H: 0 - Open
     Pole J,K: SR429/1MG/353AE[20] - LOGIC Series - ARINC Signal Converter
          ARINC 429 Label - 353, Bit 20
          SDI Bits - SDI Bits Disabled
          ARINC Bit Output - Active Low, Parity - On
          ARINC Transmission Speed - Low (12.5 kbps)
          429/1M Pin K3 Input : Normal = Ground
          429/1M Health Monitor Buffer Times - 1.0s
     Pole L: 0 - Open

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